Wednesday, May 12, 2010

We Are Now Animal Welfare Approved

Please join us in celebrating this awesome organization! They are concerned with the welfare of ALL farm animals worldwide.  Their standards are high.  Their process is comprehensive.  Being a part of this is an honor.

The person they sent to survey our farm was knowledgeable, helpful, and fun.  His name was Jan, a PhD.  from WSU.  He looked at absolutely every function related to the animals and their well being., I have such confidence in this organization with this kind of comprehensive approach to animal practices.  Any suggestions he offered were meaningful and heeded.  He is a livestock producer himself.

I had not thought too much about "labels" before I became aware of this organization.  There are so many labels and tags out there, it is hard for me to decipher.  This one caught my attention for their comprehensive approach to all animals.  We strive very diligently here to provide the absolute best for our animals, at every stage of life.  It is nice to have third party, arms length confirmation that we are on the "right track" providing humane and ethical treatment of our animals.  I firmly believe you actually taste it in our milk, but that is my opinion.

You, as a food consumer, should look for their logo wherever you buy your food. 

Thank you for your support!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Farm Dinner June 6, 2010

We have a fun farm dinner and tour planned for June 6, 2010, from 1pm-5pm.  This will be a Texas style BBQ prepared by Nicole and Maggi from Cafe Adrift in Anacortes.  They have a new catering "wagon" with  BBQ attached.  If that fails us, we have our official Texas behemoth BBQ always at the ready.  This event is in conjunction with our local Slow Food chapter (Skagit River Salish Sea) and part of each ticket sale will go to them. 

So, here is a general plan for the afternoon:
1pm-3pm:  Farm tours and beer and cheese tasting/pairing.  Beers will be from Boundary Bay in Bellingham and cheeses will be from Gothberg Farms.  Julia Wayne from Edible Seattle will be here to help us with a fun and interactive way to do this.

3pm-5pm:  The Food
BBQ Brisket (from Island Grown Farmers Coop Bow WA)
Chicken (from Well Fed Farm Mt. Vernon WA birds being grown now just for us!)
Grilled Oysters (from Taylors Seafood Bow WA)
Potato Salad (local of course)
Cole Slaw (local of course)
Bread (from the Breadfarm Bow WA)
Delightful Dessert (made with Gothberg Farms chevre)

Please join us for this fun summer kick off!

Tickets are $65.00 which includes everything. Must be paid in advance.  Nicole needs to plan the food since she does not just pick from the shelf and open a package.

Children under 12, $10.00.

No pets to the farm please. We have plenty of our own for you to enjoy.

For reservations, contact Rhonda or stop in at Adrift.  We can both accept credit cards, but not over the Internet.

Rhonda 360-202-2436