About the Farm

Our farm is situated on 40 acres of flat, fertile, farmland.  We use only a small portion for the goats and dairy, with the remainder leased out to "the real farmer next door".  This was a cow dairy many years ago and through much hard work and family unity, raised 5 children.  We became the stewards of the property in May 2001.  The home required extensive repairs and renovations, but we saved it.  Mind you we lived in travel trailers for months-porta potties are not much fun.  This story could be a book unto itself.  It is a small home which suits our needs at this point in life.  The existing outbuildings have been put to use, but were designed for cattle.  The new barn was built in 2003 and houses the does and all milking and cheese operations.  A small barn and special pasture was constructed for the bucks.  I feel blessed to have been able to put this together and make it work.

The scenery surrounding the land is fabulous.  We look directly at Mt. Baker and Chuckanut Mountain.  We see the islands of the San Juans but no sea as we are barely above sea level ourselves.  On clear days the Olympic Mountains and the Canadian  Coastal range may also be seen.  Not a bad postcard for garden work!  In fact, the cheese room windows were placed to see Mt. Baker while I work.  The sunrises and sunsets are really nice here.  We even have our "resident" hawks, blue heron, and seasonal eagles, swans, geese, and ducks.
So you see being at home is not really like work.  Each day is different and each holds its own measure of fascination!