The Cheese

A Bountiful table featuring our cheeses.

Chevre-soft, creamy, pleasantly tart. We believe chevre should be eaten every day.

One of the many ways to enjoy chevre.

This is our 4-5 lb. gouda wheel.  We also make 1 kg size, and "baby" 1lb. size.
Available pasteurized or raw.  Typically aged closer to a year (or more) before being made available.

Herbed goudas.  Cinco de Mayo is our own spice blend with red chile flakes and toasted garlic.  A personal favorite.  We also make nettle (yes, they are edible and no, they do not sting in food).  Another favorite is the cumin seed gouda. 

Feta, ah yes, feta. Ours is rich, rather creamy, able to be sliced OR crumbled. We use feta a lot too-salads, Greek salad, on any vegetable, in a warm red cabbage salad.  Good all year.
Shown here with grape leaves, Kalamata olives, and our Cinco de Mayo crackers.

This is our Caerphilly.  It is an old Welsh farmstead cheese-made similar to a cheddar and brined similar to a gouda.  A bit sharper than our cheddar.  Our cheddar is this size and color, but is a bit more, well, "cheddary".  These wheels weigh about 5 lbs.

Queso Fresco!!  Ah, freshness at its'  BEST!!!  So good we like to eat it just by itself.  It also makes a great "ingredient cheese" for eggs, anything Mexican style, or wherever you want a melting type cheese.  Distinct mild tangy taste, never "goaty", just flavorful.
Produced in wheels weighing about 4 lbs.

Raw Caprino Romano.  Limited availability due to l-o-n-g ageing time, but worth the wait.  Rich and pleasantly pungent just like we intended.
Produced in wheels weighing about 4 lbs.

Our sweet, creamy, fresh La Mancha milk makes the best yogurt we have EVER tasted.
  It does a body good!

Some ageing cheeses.

Here are some "experimental" cheddars.  What you see as color is actually a band of spice in the middle.  We tried cracked pepper, ground chipotle, and green chile.  Still ageing so we have not even tried them.  This part of waiting a year to try a cheese is tough.

Manchego style cheese. This is a new cheese for us too.
 This one rubbed with either ground chipotle or smoked paprika.  Still waiting for that year to pass for a try.  These are 4-6 lb. wheels.
We will call this one "Woman of La Mancha".

Parmesan and Woman of La Mancha. Goat milk parmesan is REALLY good.  Again, waiting for that magic year to come up.
Produced in 4-6 lb. wheels.

Special cheese companions custom made for us by The Breadfarm-our friends and neighbors. The crackers have our own Cinco de Mayo Spice in them-great with chevre, feta, gouda, and cheddar.  The Lemon Ricotta cookies are made with our ricotta (yes, we make that too).  The Chevre, Cranberry, Walnut Biscuits are like a cross of shortbread and biscotti.  Great with chevre.
Honestly, anything from The Breadfarm with any of our cheeses is a good combination.