Meet the herd

The herd consists of purebred, registered LaManchas. This breed was chosen for their dairy character with excellent fat and protein contents.  Monthly milk tests are conducted through the Dairy Herd Improvement Association (DHIA) which verifies milk component parts.  Registration is through the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA).  Additionally, all animals are appraised through ADGA.  This rates them as compared with other LaManchas across the country.  We are a CAE-free herd for over 5 years now, and our vet comes to the farm and tests each animal annually, usually in January just before they kid.  And, these goats are just plain enjoyable!  They are hardy, intelligent animals with unique personalities.  The herd name is "Texas Girl" goats.  Rhonda chose this name to continue her association with "home" even though far away.

The goat dream is Rhonda's.  She got her first goats in April of 2002, a mother and doe kid pair.  This was supposed to just be the family milk.  But this was infectious.  The following September, Rhonda added two more bred does ... As of February 2009, there are currently 22 bred does awaiting milk production for Spring.  There are also three willing bucks to do their willing part of the plan.  So it's not hard to see there are already more kids than the farm can use.  Contact Rhonda if interested in these magnificent animals!

Our current breeding program consists of fall breeding with spring kidding.  While this keeps with the goats' natural cycles, it also provides for projected milk needs and allows a milking break for the milker.  Does are typically dry (not in milk production) from approximately Christmas through Valentine's Day.  During this time, they are happily ruminating and gestating.

The feeding program has been very well thought out, tried out, and evolved.  While we are not organic, we are natural as we can be -- no hormones of any kind are ever given.  Antibiotics are seldom given, but will be used to save an animals life.  You will never find them in our milk.  We have used them very infrequently, choosing healthy prevention first every time.  There is a high emphasis on prevention and health.  All hay is of the highest quality available.  They are given alfalfa hay from Eastern Washington as well as grass hay from Skagit Valley.  The goats have full pasture access 24/7/365.  The grain ration is a collaborative recipe which is custom mixed by Conway Feed, the local feed mill.  All feed runs must meet Rhonda's exacting standards.